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Welcome to Folklore Friday where we explore the world's Folklore, Myths, Legends, Superstitions and everything in between.

Join us and we discuss Lore in History, and review television and film that feature Supernatural and Folkloric elements.

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Kris was recently upgraded to co-host and is excited to do more episodes with his wife.


Kris is an avid TV and Film watcher, which includes genres of all kinds, but particularly Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He also loves the Marvel universe, especially Spider-Man. So much so that he rocks a Spider-Man tattoo that takes up most of chest.


Kris has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre with focuses in Playwriting, Acting and Directing. He has also been performing and teaching improv for over 20 years. 




Megan was a theatre kid that grew up watching The X-Files and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

While watching these shows and others like it, Megan's curiosity grew and she wanted to know where these myths and monsters came from. 


She is now in love with Folklore, Mythology, and Legends. All of it! She’s knee deep in what Folklore and History says about a culture, how they develop as a society, and how it is used in Entertainment. 


Career wise Megan is an Artist and Graphic Designer. Ultimately she dreams that Folklore Friday can one day become a Travel Show.


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